Sunday, August 23, 2009


In some few minutes from now your only poetry cum literary show will be on. As you may be aware, our On-Air poetry is on already. Today we feature Henry Dzane who will join us on the phone to present his work.

We're expecting today's show to be massive. Join us live on Radio Univers 105.7

Friday, August 21, 2009

We are BACK!!!

Well well well.... It';s been a long long time since we updated the page. But yes, like any other serious body, we had to look inside and we're back. Live. The show on Radio Univers has been running like nothing less.

Well, there is a new production team in the building, more power to us and then you.

The Poetry Talk Party has been on. This is a largely informal session where poets and writers of like minds and dodged minds and whatever minds meet to discuss poetry. Visit kpokplomaja for more details

Join or or follow us also on facebook. Just search Open Air Theatre.

Our poetry on-air contest is also on. Just send us a mail to and you have entered the race to develop yourself. Poems are also read on air. This is been done in collaboration with Write To The World, a group interested in the development of writers.

It's on People. We are back for good....