Sunday, October 7, 2007

We are burning

Hi there! It's Obed blogging live from radio universe. With Kwesi in the chair, everything ride big

We have been live on air for the last hour and twenty minutes. As you would expect, the poetry pot is brimming here in the studios of radio univers, university of Ghana, with fiery fire.

What more, the topics has been travelling down from religion to the central vicissitudes of life.... Look at the titles of poems listed listed which for absence of time, i would have given you some lines.
Ellis - "Wreath of Identification" and "The Evil we all Bear"
Kojo Owusu - "Assemblage of the Sages" and a short story "Central Cafeteria"
Hakeem Tahiru - "Deeds of Selfishness"
Obed Sarpong - "On My Twenty" (a scrap) and "Thoughts of an Incarcerated Mind III"
And Placid, Phish and Evelyn are all here burning words.

Tune in to radio universe105.7

Currently rolling is an interview on a collaboration between Open Air Theatre and Poetry Pot Group for an upcoming poetry Open Mic session on the university of Ghana campus on the 23rd of this month.